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August 30, 2015 – 04:00 pm
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Weather vs. Climate

Weather refers to the state of the atmosphere over several minutes up to several days. It includes lots of things that should be familiar - temperature, humidity, rain, snow, wind speeds, or wind direction. Climate refers to the long-term average (and other statistics) of weather measured over long periods of time (at least several decades).

Here’s a simple way to think about it: Climate is what you expect, but weather is what you get. Say you were going to visit Southern California for a few days in April. You would expect it to be sunny and pleasant, because that’s what the climate of Southern California is usually like in April. It might turn out to be sunny during your trip, or it could rain, be cloudy, chilly or hot. All of those are examples of the weather during those few days.

The C2ES Kids Corner is designed to help you understand how and why our climate is changing, how climate change affects us, and what people can do to slow climate change and prepare for it.

We’ll explain behind climate change, of climate change, and .

The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change

The picture below shows the greenhouse effect. It is a natural process that warms the planet. Light from the sun passes through the atmosphere and is absorbed by the Earth's surface, warming it. Greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, act like a blanket, trapping heat near the surface and raising the temperature.

Human activities are increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This traps more heat. In other words, as we add more greenhouse gases, we thicken the blanket that traps heat near the surface. This process is referred to as the human-induced greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse gases stay in the atmosphere for a long time. Although plants and the ocean absorb carbon dioxide, they can’t keep up with all the extra carbon dioxide that people have been putting into the atmosphere. So the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been increasing over time.

Source: www.c2es.org
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Popular Q&A
What is an important fact about climate change?

CO2 (the most important gas) has risen from 280 ppm to 379 since pre-industrial times and its growth seems to be accelerating.

Why are the Koch brothers absolutely against accepting that climate change is a fact?

They aren't. They funded a recent climate change study by Richard Muller of University of California, Berkeley that independently analyzed raw climate data and ended up confirming previous climate group's findings.

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