Calculate your Ecological footprint

Personal Footprint Calculator
April 14, 2015 – 01:10 pm

imageThe Footprint calculator offers an interactive, fun way for people to explore and reduce their Footprint. Built in partnership with Free Range Studios, the calculator received generous support from EPA Victoria, the Foundation for a Global Community, the City of Calgary, and the Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund. The calculator is based on data from Global Footprint Network's National Footprint Accounts.*

While the current version is based on data specifically for the U.S. and Australia, Global Footprint Network is developing an enhanced, data-rich version which will enable people around the world to calculate their Footprints with data specific to their region.

Global Footprint Network is inviting corporate, government and NGO partners to help launch the calculator worldwide. The calculator can be customized for specific organizations and geographical areas, and upcoming enhancements will include social networking opportunities and interactive features. If you would like to be involved or would like the calculator customized for your organization, please send an email to

*These data are used by NGOs such as IUCN and WWF, national governments such as the Governments of Japan, Switzerland and Canada, as well as financial institutions such as Pictet Bank, Sarasin Bank and Portfolio 21 Investments. Decisions about the data and methods used for the National Accounts are guided by a consensus, committee-based process for the ongoing scientific review of the methodology.

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