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Ecological Footprint Webquest - Ecological Footprint...
October 30, 2015 – 01:00 pm

Image of page 2Name: _________________________________________________ Period: _______ Date: _________ Go to Before clicking "Go" answer: 1. What does the ecological footprint quiz tell you? IN YOUR OWN WORDS Click "Go" Answer the questions on the quiz as best as you can. 2. Above question five, read the title and explain what a carbon footprint is. After question five, click on "More on Energy Use and Climate Zones" 3. How does where you live affect your energy use? Continue to answer the quiz questions. After question 10 click on "Small lifestyle changes make a big difference. Find out more". 4. What are a couple small changes that you could personally make that would make a difference? After question 11 click on "More about sprawl and climate change". 5. What kind of neighborhood uses the most amount of energy and fuel resources? Which takes the least? After question 12 click on "More about carbon offsets" 6. What are carbon offsets? 7. Explain what a food footprint is.

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how can technology increase the total ecological footprint impact on the united states? | Yahoo Answers

Well since most modern technologies require heavy energy inputs and most of our current energy systems use up irreplaceable resources and have carbon-heavy byproducts, the unchecked growth of technology can lead to large energy expenditures.
At the same time, technology is a broad word. We can focus our technological advancement to using renewable resources with less or no harmful byproduct to get our energy. Improvements in technology also allow our machines to use existing energy more efficiently so it is not consumed at an exponential rate.

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