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Ecological Footprint Work Receives International Recognition with Prestigious Blue Planet Prize
April 9, 2017 – 09:18 pm

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“I am convinced more than ever that it is possible to turn our economies into stewards of our planet, ” Dr. Wackernagel said in his acceptance speech. “We cannot continue forever to take more from the planet than the planet can give.”

Like most nations, Japan is facing resource constraints, but is taking a greater leadership role. As an island nation relying on the importation of an increasing amount of biological resources and energy, it potentially puts itself at risk of supply disruption and/or price volatility. Japan is tackling these challenges head-on and looking closely at its Ecological Footprint.

“We are part of a fabulous community of thousands of people who have contributed to dreaming with us and who are spreading the dream and building tools and projects in order to turn an abstract idea into practice, ” Wackernagel said. “Japan, through its Ministry of Environment, was among the first three countries in the world to review and then apply the Footprint, and we appreciate and encourage Japan’s leadership in this domain. The trends are moving fast, and Japan’s firm and fast engagement is essential for making the world—and Japan—a stable place.”

Source: www.footprintnetwork.org
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try this quiz, based on national consumption averages and is meant to give you an idea of your Ecological Footprint relative to other people in the country you live in. It is not highly detailed, but should give most people an idea of where they stand.
The result is in the number of planets required to support the human population all consuming the same as you (2.1 in my case)

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