10 effects of global warming

Top 10 Effects of Global Warming
April 19, 2017 – 09:48 pm

eco failureHostilities and conflicts amongst countries are constantly on the rise as nations are competent and ruthless when it comes to acquiring resources. An important example of this is the genocide in the Darfur region situated in Sudan or the Somalian war with roots in the reduction of its natural resources due to the sole reasons of climate change. It is clearly evident that the increasing number of wars that commence on the foundation of food and water scarcities may lead to uncontrollable levels of aggression, security trouble, regional instability, panic etc. We should realize that there is a direct relationship between a geological condition such as global warming and civil unrest. Production of weapons, the oil industry etc. is often considered to be the most common reasons for global politics.

economic collapse9) Ecosystem Failure

An Increase in greenhouse gases can cause drastic and irreversible changes both in the upper atmosphere and within the planet thus affecting it’s every component including land, water, air etc. and the processes that occur at all these levels. If not becoming extinct, animals and plants move away to non-native habitats when the very ecosystems that they were adapted to for survival lose its quality or probably even disappear. Similarly, humans will also migrate due to changing weather conditions thus leading to a high demand for limited resources in a particular place. The effects of a climate change on physical and biological systems are already reflecting through cases like depletion of coral reefs, migration of vulnerable plants and animals, melting glaciers, formation of acidic water etc.

8) Economic collapse

droughtsThe results of climate change have a direct relationship with a nation’s economy. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods as an effect of the global warming process end up becoming a costly affair for the government in terms of clean-up costs, property damage and rehabilitation costs. Crisis like this in turn result in a hike when it comes to food and energy costs. Looking at the pace of things, it has been predicted that global warming crises could be labelled with a $20 trillion price tag by 2100. Many countries run a huge risk on a daily basis because the national income is dependent on one particular area such as oil, tourism, plantation, etc. and can lose everything with the loss of that single particular sector. The presence of globalization can thus create a domino effect which means that if a country is affected, several other countries are bound to get affected too even if they might be on the other end of the globe.

7) Droughts

A warmer climate owing to global warming will eventually lead to diminishing water supplies and pathetic agricultural conditions in turn resulting in crop failures If these water shortages are persistent it will cause a lot of disruptions in global food production by affecting agriculture and is thus paving a way for situations such as starvation . Research states that the drought conditions are said to increase by at least a minimum of 66% by 2020. Almost more than 60% of Africa by this time will have to live in a country where the continent’s agricultural output is going to drastically decrease by 50 %

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What are some causses and effects of global warming? Easy 10 pts!? | Yahoo Answers

causes: over population, over use of natural resources, pollution, harm to the environment with chemicals, deforestation, etc...
effects: animals extinct, polluted world, disease, bad economy, no more natural resources, flooding, extreme storms, hunger, etc...

The Effects of Global Warming [ easy & fast 10 points ]? | Yahoo Answers

Seasons are getting out of whacked(Nearly year long summer temperatures and feelings where it is not common),Increasing Droughts(which leads to lakes,rivers,and streams drying up,Ocean levels are rising due to the melting ice caps,less and less rainfall in most areas such as rain forests(where it is supposed to be common and continual),Polar bears,penguins and other arctic life are slowly but surely becoming extinct,hole in the ozone getting wider(which means more exposure to uv rays which leads to skin cancer).The worst/end results has yet to come,ever saw the movie
''Day After Tommo…

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