Global warming and marine life

Study: Global warming risks changes to ocean life unprecedented in the last 3 million years
May 29, 2017 – 11:49 pm

Continued warming of the Earth’s oceans over the next century could trigger disruptions to marine life on a scale not seen in the last 3 million years, scientists warn in a study released Monday.

The changes could include extinctions of some of the ocean’s keystone species as well as a widespread influx of “invasive” animals and plants that migrate to new territory because of changing environmental conditions, the report says.

But the most dramatic disruptions would likely be averted if the world’s nations can bring greenhouse gas emissions under control in the coming decades, the authors write in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change.

“Climate change may rapidly reorganize marine diversity over large oceanic regions, ” states the report, authored by scientists from the University of Science and Technology in Lille, France, and four other institutions. “The intensity of this reorganization will depend, unsurprisingly, on the magnitude of warming.”

In the study, the researchers seek to predict future impacts of global warming on marine life by examining how the oceans were affected during times of substantial temperature change in the distant past. Using fossil data, scientists have been able to reconstruct patterns of extinction and species migration that existed 3 million years ago during the mid-Pliocene epoch, when the Earth was slightly warmer than today. Similar data exists for the last Ice Age, which reached its peak about 25, 000 years ago.

Extrapolating from those records, the researchers predicted that even moderate climate change will cause significant disruptions, with local extinctions and species migrations occurring three times more frequently than today.

More severe warming will have a major impact on marine life, with significant disruptions occurring across 50 to 70 percent of the world’s oceans, the authors concluded.

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What will happen to the marine life if the oceans heat up due to global warming? | Yahoo Answers

it depends on how much the oceans heat up. Most likely the answer will be a few tenths of a degree, and nothing to worry about.

What are the effects of global warming to aqua culture and marine life? | Yahoo Answers

Lots. Its one giant chain reaction. It effects food sources, breeding, habitats,etc. The eco system is very fragile. What you must understand is that if one thing is effected, in turn everything else is effected. Certain bait fish live and breed in certain cold waters. The larger fish that it them we it. If the waters are not cold enough they won't return and reproduce. In return the fish we eat have to try and find a new source.

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