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Fighting Global Warming
May 19, 2014 – 10:39 am

Fighting Global Warming

To win the fight against climate change, it’s time for a renewable energy [r]evolution

The devastating impacts of climate change are clear. Our world is warmer than ever before, and people and wildlife are already suffering the consequences. But that’s nothing compared to what we’re leaving future generations if these trends continue. It’s time to stop the destruction. It’s time for an energy [r]evolution.

Fossil fuels—coal, oil and natural gas—are major contributors to climate change, accounting for the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions.

They’re also one of the main culprits polluting our air, water and soil. Coal-burning power plants, for example, produce millions of tons of toxic sludge every year, and we’re stilling reeling from the impacts of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon spill that rocked the Gulf of Mexico.

As global temperatures increase, sea level rise and extreme weather become even bigger threats to communities at home and around the world. Already in the U.S. we’ve seen major hurricanes, floods, drought and wildfires all linked to climate change, and that’s just in the past few years.

We see a different future—one built on clean, renewable energy. We believe that a 100 percent renewable energy future is not only within reach, it’s our best chance for to preserve the planet.

Activists Clean up Californian Oil SpillJoin the Energy [R]evolution

With technology already available, renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal can provide 96 percent of our electricity and 98 percent of heating demand—the vast majority of U.S. energy use.

That’s not just good for the environment, it’s good for the economy, too. For instance, the solar industry already employs more people than coal mining and wind energy is cheaper than coal power in many U.S. states.

Still, we need more. We’ve got great opportunities today to build a cleaner energy system in time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Big companies like Apple and Google are setting great examples, committing to 100 percent renewable energy and making record-breaking investments in wind and solar. And across the country, everyday Americans are joining the energy revolution by through projects like community solar.

But they’re still the exception.

We’re campaigning to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground and build a U.S. powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

Get Involved

Ready to join the energy [r]evolution for a better climate? See the links below to learn more about our climate and energy campaigns and find out how you can .

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Excuse me but you are an ignorant moron (to sapphire). Global warming is very much real and is harmful. I am sorry that i can't answer this question but anyone who says it is not real is completely an idiot.

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Greenpeace's problem is that it doesn't understand that there is no perfect solution to the problem and that opposing EVERY SINGLE acceptable compromise and transitional measure is (almost?) as bad as denying there is a problem in the first place... They seriously need to get over themselves and try being a little more constructive with their efforts.

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