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Global Warming Makes Couples Cheat, Says Dating Website
April 11, 2016 – 01:52 am

If you're married in Miami, you might want to get out of town this summer. No, not to avoid the hurricanes - to avoid a nasty divorce.

A new report blames global warming for rising rates of infidelity, especially bad news for couples in Miami, where rising tides and raging hurricanes remind us all how much extracurricular sex we could be having on a daily basis.

Victoria Milan, a dating website for people looking to cheat on their significant other, surveyed 5, 000 of its members, both men and women. A shocking 72 percent of them responded that yes, their own Al Gore-esque stress about unpredictable weather is the cause of their extramarital dalliances. Guess the fact of their existing committed relationships was just an inconvenient truth.

Survey respondents also reported they're more likely to sneak a little on the side in hot weather than in cold. That makes sense - after all, which would you say is sexier, a steamy Miami day or a polar vortex?

"Summer loving is something everyone experiences when they're growing up, and the excitement and thrill of doing something a bit naughty never fades, " Victoria Milan's CEO and founder, Sigurd Vedal, explains in a statement. "It's no surprise that one half of a couple feels the itch when the weather warms up."

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Is there a website for global warming?

"Global warming" is now referred to as "Climate Change" as scientists have begun to realise that variation in the Earth's climate may actually cause cooling as well as warming.
The main organisation involved with climate change research is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (see the related links). This was founded by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to provide scientific information on climate change.
In the UK there is the UK Climate Impacts Program website and the Met Office website "Your guide to climate change" as well…

Any websites on Global Warming? | Yahoo Answers

Here's some sites that you may find interesting about the topic you want to know about this critical crisis currently impacting our environment.
(a site to Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth)
There's a whole host of other sites on the Internet on this topic, too.

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