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August 23, 2014 – 04:19 pm
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Scholarships and Student Enrichment
A100 PAES Building
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The College of Education and Human Ecology not only helps students earn a world-class education, we award financial assistance to outstanding students.

We know paying for college can be a hardship to some people. That's why our donors support students with more than $1.5 million in aid for scholarships, fellowships and grants each year.

We view financial aid holistically. Not only do we consider academic credentials, scholarship essays and financial need may be used to determine winners. Check all our eligibility requirements to ensure your best chance at being considered for an EHE scholarship.

If you're interested in financial aid from The College of Education and Human Ecology, be sure to familiarize yourself with the application and awarding and acceptance process.

This information is important to securing a scholarship from us, as well as other financial aid resources you may be eligible to receive – be it professional development, junior leaders service learning program, external scholarships and unique opportunities.

Additionally, the scholarships office supports innovative programs and research initiatives designed to enhance the student experience.

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Bascailly the different types of ECO Systems and details about each one of them.

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It is a way of developing the minds of the humans through education and other sophistication and technical knowledge.!!

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The School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine is worth a look.

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