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Kofi Annan: Eat Bugs To Stop Global Warming
October 7, 2014 – 01:03 pm

Image credit: Twitter/@KofiAnnanImage credit: Twitter/@KofiAnnan

Former secretary-general of the United Nations asserted this in a recent interview.

Kofi Annan, the former secretary-general of the United Nations, asserted in a recent interview that due to increased fears of global warming, the world’s population should consider consuming bugs as an alternate source of protein.

“A growing population and a rapidly growing middle class are increasing pressure on the traditional protein sources, beef and poultry meat, making it more difficult to meet demand, ” Annan told The Guardian in an interview published Sunday. “We cannot continue the way we are producing and consuming meat. Obviously, this should not go as far as governments telling people what to eat.”

05052015_UN News Tweet_Twitter“Keeping meat consumption to levels recommended by health authorities would lower emissions and reduce heart disease, cancer, and other diseases, ” Annan added.

And of course there are alternative sources of protein. For example, raising insects as an animal protein source. Insects have a very good conversion rate from feed to meat.

They make up part of the diet of two billion people and are commonly eaten in many parts of the world. Eating insects is good for the environment and balanced diets.

Do you think we should eat less meat for bugs? Which bug would you eat if you had to? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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