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Cash For Cars San Diego Program
April 1, 2017 – 08:53 pm

When you buy used auto parts at Pick your Part Chula Vista, you could save up to 90% of the cost of buying a OEM part from the dealership. All parts come with a 30 day warranty, so if it doesn’t fit or work, you can bring it back along your receipt and get it exchange for a working one.

Pick Your Part Chula Vista counts with hundred of dismantle ready vehicles. The yard is organized by Domestic/Foreign and make/model. You can find anything from mirrors, tires, wheels, windows, windshields, fenders, headlights, tail lights, seats, electronics, etc.

You can make a Car Donation with Pick Your Part Chula Vista, or cash for cars San Diego, expecting to receive top dollar for your auto donation, the best part is that you save the environment by recycling your old car, your car donation goes to the charity of your choice and you get a tax break because of you donation.

Pick your Part Chula Vista is a self service Salvage yard, you need to bring your own tools and pull your own parts. There is a $2 cover to get in to the yard.

Widely know as El Pulpo Pick Your Part because of their logo, this salvage yard has many locations, including this:

  • Pick Your Part Santa Paula
  • Pick Your Part Bakersfield
  • Pick Your Part Los Angeles
  • Pick Your Parts Riverside
  • and many more…

Pick You Part has a ” Cash For Cars San Diego” Program where they purchase vehicles from the general public, this is a cash for clunkers program that helps keep the environment clean of rusty old cars, boats or any vehicle for that matter.

When you sell a clunker to the Cash For Cars San Diego program, this helps everyone save on energy, cars that consume lots of gas to drive have higher emissions and for that matter they end up costing you more.

Get into the cash for junk cars san diego program, even if your vehicle is not complete or if it doesn’t run, Pick your Part will pay you Cash for your clunker.

Cash for cars San Diego Car Buyers

When it came to sell my car San Diego was an amazing place being so close to the border means that your market is also open to Mexican buyers. So it was easy to list it on Craig list and in a couple os days it was sold. Most people don’t know that then can sell junk cars San Diego to Mexican buyers, there are hundreds of car dealership San Diego who sell exclusively to Mexico.

Source: www.pickajunkyard.com
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please pick my city! Chula Vista Loves you!
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