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The Best Ways to Find Used Auto Parts
March 20, 2014 – 10:23 am

What's the Best Way to Find Used Auto Parts?Car owners and mechanics are often in the market for car parts. Whether they are sprucing up a fixer-upper or maintaining the family vehicle, vehicle owners and mechanics can find both new and used parts widely available on the market. If a used car part will get the job done, the car owner or mechanic will certainly save some money on the purchase and ultimately the overall cost of repair, compared to buying a new part.

Finding used parts, however, can be tricky if the part is rare, especially in the case of imports or antique cars. Used car parts are available for nearly any vehicle currently on the road, as well as for those that are in garages and waiting to be fixed or rebuilt. However, car parts are often not at the forefront of most people’s thoughts until something goes wrong with a car, then the need to purchase becomes more immediate.

There are definitely parts that should be purchased new, but others may still have a lot of life left in them and can be moved from car to car. Good parts that can be purchased used include body parts, trim and interior parts, odd-shaped fasteners, some engines and transmissions, durable suspension parts, and more.

Where to Find Used Parts

When there is time to shop around, used car parts may be a good option to save money on a car repair. The following are some options for the best way to find used car parts.

Online Used Parts

There are several online purveyors of used car parts. Gone are the days when a trip to the local junkyard was the only hope for finding a used car part.

If the part needed has been identified, begin a search for the used car part by using the VIN of the car to determine which version of the part is needed for that particular vehicle. From there, the consumer could look for original equipment manufacturer parts, which are replacement parts made by the manufacturer of the original parts. There are also third party replacement parts available.

Another online option is to check the forums linked to the type of car or manufacturer to see if parts are available by members of the forum community. Many enthusiasts for the different brands will belong to forums, and may have connections to others who have the needed used part.

Online retailers may offer low prices because they do not have the overhead involved in maintaining a storefront. Before purchasing a part, be sure to ask how long it would take to ship and deliver the part.

eBay Motors

Among the top sites for finding used car parts online is eBay Motors.. As one of the largest marketplaces for used car parts, eBay Motors allows consumers not only to search for the right part, but also find the right part at the best possible price. eBay Motors is a worldwide distributor of used car parts.

Local Car Parts Store

If a car was purchased at a dealership and is still under warranty, find out if the non-working part needed is covered before paying for a replacement. If it is not, find out the cost of the car parts by calling the car dealership parts department, if a local one is available. Oftentimes dealerships do not stock all car parts, and if they do, the parts will be new.

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