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2 Portland 5th Graders Blog About Climate Change
September 1, 2014 – 07:17 am

Jeremy Clark (left) and Charlie Abrams (right) are the Portland 5th graders behind theJeremy Clark and Charlie Abrams are worried about climate change. The two fifth graders at Duniway Elementary School created the “Two Green Leaves” blog earlier this year to write about climate change from “the affected generation.” As they put it on the website:

“We are aware of what climate change can do to the human race and it certainly isn’t good. That’s why we’ve created this blog; to help other (people) understand the effects of climate change and what we can do to help!”

The boys were inspired by an issue of National Geographic focused on rising sea levels with an image on the cover of the Statue of Liberty up to her waist in water. So far, “Two Green Leaves” has covered a wide range of topics including the Keystone XL Pipeline, geothermal energy, and recycling.

Clark says “it can sometimes be a bit irritating” to listen to people who don’t believe in climate change, but he says, “It just seems like the people who believe climate change is a problem have more facts to support their theory.”

In order to inspire their readers to take action, Clark and Abrams point out the financial benefits of using renewable energy resources and provide practical tips for being green. To them, reducing your carbon footprint is “a piece of cake” and can be as simple as using cold water to wash your clothes or taking five-minute showers. According to Clark and Abrams, it’s not only adults who should be paying attention to climate change.

“I think our audience is probably kids. Grown-ups are going to be affected but…kids and their kids are going to be affected and are going to take the toll, ” says Clark.

Even though the future may look bleak, Clark and Abrams remain optimistic.

“I read a book and one of the chapters was what the future would look like and they said it would be hot and there would be effects of climate change, ” Clark says. “But hopefully the government will start making policies and rules about being green.”

Source: www.opb.org
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