Ecological footprint game

Ecological Footprint
September 12, 2016 – 11:38 pm

Ecological Footprint can be used as a classroom assignment or discussion. The lesson will support classroom units that examine energy use, efficiency, conservation and climate change.

Connecticut Energy Education suggests using the Ecological Footprint as an attention grabbing introduction to understanding the science of climate change or as a bridge into Student Solutions to the issues.

There are a number of documents available with this lesson. The Footprint Calculator Tool is the paper worksheet for the lesson. The Power Point is a good support for guiding students through the Calculator Tool. The Footprint Facts provides information about the consequences of our actions and changes we can make. A World of Seven Billion Activity is a good tie for helping students put their personal activities into a world perspective. The is a fun way for students to explore their impact on the world.

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Can anyone tell me what the formula for the ecological footprint is? | Yahoo Answers

I've been researching and there are many websites that calculate your ecological footprint but I'd like to know if there's any formula to calculate on my own. Thanks

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