Global warming Project report

Global Warming Solutions Project (GWSP)
September 18, 2017 – 03:21 pm

MA may miss 2020 GHG emissions reduction requirement by 5%

The Patrick Administration’s successful clean energy initiatives have made Massachusetts a leader in energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate protection. The GWSP Scorecard estimates that without ramped up effort MA stands to fall short of the 2020 requirement by 5%. The report assesses the state's progress in reducing emissions and offers proposals for further action in 2014.

"Going the distance to meet the greenhouse gas emission targets by realizing all the opportunities within our energy efficiency programs in the commercial/industrial sector, benefits business directly by reducing energy costs. The programs also boost growth within the energy efficiency sector creating new opportunities for innovation and encouraging new companies to establish here. Investing in a clean energy future benefits the environment, businesses and the economy as a whole."

- Rick Mattila, Chair of ELM's Corporate Council and former voting councilor on the MA Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (EEAC)

GWSA Dashboard

GWSA Dashboard reveals MA emissions down 11%

In 2013, the Patrick Administration launched a new website to keep the public abreast of MA's emissions trends and progress made towards meeting the GWSA requirements. The GWSA Dashboard provides details about MA's GHG emission levels and progress made towards 2020. It reveals that emissions in MA are down 11% below 1990 levels, meaning MA still has ~14% to go between now and 2020 to comply with the GWSA mandate. The dashboard was initially created in cooperation with ELM and members of the Global Warming Solutions Project. It and the Massachusetts Clean Energy & Climate Performance Management System are maintained by the Administration. Follow the links to learn more about the state's dashboard, MA's GHG emissions trends, and updates on progress on the 2020 Climate Plan.

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Popular Q&A
What is a good science project to do on global warming?

You can base your project on how increased CO2 levels affect plant growth. Good luck! !

What are strategies for projecting global warming?

Global warming forecasting and research formats have focused on observations of singular data sets over time such as: Carbon dioxide concentrations, Snow cover, Surface temperatures, Sea level changes, and frequency and severity of hurricanes.

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