Things that affect global warming

Things in Your House That Cause Global Warming
September 11, 2017 – 06:07 am

Garbage that ends up in a landfill contributes to greenhouse gases.Garbage that ends up in a landfill contributes to greenhouse gases.

Greenhouse gases trap the sun's rays within the Earth's atmosphere and are considered one of the main culprits behind global warming. Humans contribute to the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases - notably carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide - through deforestation, agriculture, energy production and waste disposal (see References 1). Several things used everyday in your home produce gases like these that contribute to global warming.

HVAC System

Heating and cooling your home uses energy in the form of electricity or natural gas. Much of the electricity in the United States is produced by burning coal or oil, which releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (see References 2). Your air conditioner also contains refrigerants that, if allowed to escape into the atmosphere, contribute heavily to global warming and may additionally deplete the ozone layer, depending on the age of the unit (see References 3).


Like your HVAC system, appliances in your home use electricity that causes greenhouse gas emissions. Some appliances like refrigerators and freezers also use refrigerants. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends replacing old appliances with Energy Star-qualified models to save electricity and reduce greenhouse emissions (see References 2). Using existing appliances and other electronic devices more efficiently can also help lower electricity and natural gas consumption in a household (see References 4).

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