What is good about global warming?

Top 10 Possible Benefits Of Global Warming
March 26, 2017 – 08:00 pm

Climate change could produce more usable land for agriculture.The negative consequences of global warming are well-documented — melting ice caps, rising sea levels, loss of habitat for polar bears and countless other species, mass disruptions and dislocations around the world as formerly habitable areas become unlivable. It sounds like the world’s going to become a very unpleasant place to call home if everything that’s been predicted comes to pass.

The less-publicized reality of climate change is that some change is likely to be beneficial. Granted, virtually every positive effect has a negative corollary, and sometimes the negative outweighs the positive (territorial disputes over low-lying islands will cease, which is good, but only because the islands will be underwater, which is worse). But it’s not all bad. The following list details the top 10 effects of global climate change that could be good for the planet. This may not convince the doomsayers, but should global warming transpire as many scientists predict, it could make waiting for that toasty Armageddon a much more endurable experience.

10. More Usable Land

An ice-free Arctic Ocean could mean good news for shipping companies.Presently, vast swaths of the Earth — the northern half of Canada, for instance, and the majority of Russia’s land area — aren’t suitable for agriculture. As the globe warms, however, high-latitude zones now on the verge of cultivation could become agriculture-friendly. More food for the world’s people is certainly a good thing, although it must be acknowledged that climate change could at the same time transform other fragile regions such as sub-Saharan Africa into more of a desert than they are already.

9. Longer Growing Seasons

It’s conceivable that the world’s current breadbaskets could become even more productive as temperatures warm, increasing yields. Farmers accustomed to one harvest a year may even see two. What’s more, a larger variety of crops could be grown in more locations than is currently possible.

8. Extra CO2 For Plants

We humans can only expel carbon dioxide, but plants love it. With heightened levels of CO2 in the atmosphere thanks to a warming globe, plants will have the opportunity to get drunk on the stuff, growing larger and more robust. This in turn would be good news not just for agriculture, but also for the many animal species that depend on plant life (at least those not already threatened by habitat degradation).

More CO2 in the atmosphere would be good news for plants. A milder climate could make the Arctic's natural resources more available. Credit: Advanced Telemetry Warmer weather could mean fewer cases of the flu and other cold-weather ailments.
Source: listosaur.com
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Yes that's part of what they're saying. They're also saying the Arctic is now warmer than it has been in 2,000 years, and that if not for human greenhouse gas emissions, it would still be cooling naturally.
As for the ice age, the key point being that global warming "could also even fend off what had been presumed to be an inevitable descent into a new ice age over the next few dozen millenniums."
The next ice age is at least 20,000 years away. Global warming if left unchecked is going to lead to catastrophic climate change within the next 100 years. If we don't stop it, the next ice …

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