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Ecological Succession Worksheet - Ecological Succession...
February 7, 2015 – 04:46 pm
Image of page 2 1. Describe the difference between primary and secondary succession. A: Primary succession occurs in an environment in which new substrate devoid of vegetation and usually lacking soil, such as a lava flow or area left from retreated glacier. Secondary occurs on substrate that previously supported vegetation before an ecological disturbance. 2. What events/disturbances can lead to primary succession? lava flow or area left from retreated glacier. 3. What events/disturbances can lead to secondary succession (10 minimum)? floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, forest fire, harvesting, typhoon, deforestation, pollution, acid rain. 4. Define pioneer species: The species to first colonize previously disrupted or damaged ecosystems that begins a chain of ecological succession. 5. Define climax community:
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Where can you get the Answer key to the worksheet examining the stages in ecological succession

Your teacher will provide the answer key if you are authorized to have it.

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What is the answer to the "an equation for success" worksheet, it has 15 problems to solve

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