Global climate change map

Global Sea Level Rise Map
August 1, 2016 – 06:42 pm

Use the window in the top left of the map frame to change the amount of sea level rise.

The map above can be used to show which areas would be under water if sea level rises a specific amount. You can select a value of sea level rise using the drop down box in the upper left corner of the map. Although this map is not a carefully surveyed and extremely accurate presentation, it does provide a visually striking view of what geographic areas might be flooded if global climate change continues unabated.

Note: Some inland depressions, such as the Caspian Sea, show inundation on the map but would not be flooded. This is because the mapping algorithm is based upon elevation and can not distinguish areas that are separated from the oceans by a ridge or other high area. Be sure that you trace a connection with the ocean before assuming the area would be flooded.

This sea level rise map was created by Alex Tingle of using the Google Maps API, NASA data and lots of programming savvy. He explains how the map was created, the sea level data and issues about map accuracy here. We thank Alex for allowing us to share this map on Also thanks to Google and NASA for providing the resources needed to make this map.

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Popular Q&A
What are the manmade causes for climate change?

Man has been burning fossil fuels in industry, transport and to generate electricity. This releases carbon dioxide that has been safely hidden underground for millions of years. This addition the the greenhouse gas levels is causing global warming, which is then the cause of climate change.
Deforestation is another cause, because trees remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Is global climate change man-made?

Yes it is. It's a by-product of burning fossil fuels, which release greenhouse gases, including Carbon Dioxide. It is also a side effect of deforestation and intensive livestock farming, which releases methane. In effect, our presence has resulted in a change in balance between the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmospehere and the production of greenhouse gases.
The science here is hardly settled. Many top scientists refute this idea of global warming. In fact, there have been times in the past, before the rise of industry, when the world was warmer than today.

Is global climate change man-made? | Yahoo Answers

The climate of the earth has been changing since the beginning of time. Therefore, no. If the climate was changing before humans evolved, then how could climate change be man made?

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