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NASA releases climate changes projections: winter isn’t coming
December 14, 2016 – 11:14 am

Global warmingThe world you grew up in is not going to be the same in 2100 if NASA’s climate change projections are correct. Ellen Stofan, NASA chief scientist, explained in a press release that the model isn’t meant to frighten anyone into going green, though the projections are quite mind-blowing. Rather, Stofan says the dataset, gathered from what researchers have learned from observing Earth from space, has been created as a “tool to use in planning how to cope with a warming planet.”

The data shows different scenarios of increasing carbon dioxide simulated by 21 climate models. It was gathered from the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX), a big-data collection supercomputer that’s being used to produce research to benefit collaborative efforts that seek to help solve global concerns.

In 2013, NEX released a similar climate projection, which put together and sped up to create a frightening narrative of how our planet will change. To give you an idea, in the next 100 years the North is about to get so warm that the Stark’s famous phrase will become “Is winter coming?”

However, some may look at this prediction map with a raised eyebrow, especially when the Northeast saw its coldest winter in years. News reporters enjoyed cracking wise about global warming during their broadcasts, but as Neil deGrasse Tyson explained in a recent video, weather and climate change are quite different. Weather may swing back and forth from day-to-day, but the climate projections remain constant. The weather trends inform us of the future of what our climate will become.

It’s upsetting to see that researchers at NASA have moved away from trying to convince people that there’s even a threat. So long as new broadcasters continue to give even standing to climate change scientists and deniers, it becomes wasted energy to try and argue. They’ve moved on to releasing data to prepare our communities now for what they know will come.

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