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Global warming
July 10, 2016 – 02:37 pm

Volkswagen pollution scandal backfires on dieselTop polluter China today welcomed Brazil's pledge to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 37 per cent by 2025 from 2005 baseline level as part of its contribution to a pact to fight global warming.

German giant Volkswagen`s worldwide pollution cheating scandal threatens to backfire on diesel, the fuel that powers most cars in Europe and is defended by manufacturers as a vital means to curb global warming.

Although climate change has become a major concern in recent years, new research has found that clear signs of global warming emerged as early as 1940s in parts of South East Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Nanoengineers, including one of Indian-origin, have designed tiny machines - smaller than the width of a human hair - that rapidly zoom around in water, remove carbon dioxide and convert it into a usable solid form.

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What was the news with global warming this week

Earlier this week, two Northwestern University studies, both published online recently by Nature Geoscience, contribute new -- and related -- clues as to what drove large-scale changes to the carbon cycle nearly 100 million years ago.

Is a lot of the recent news about global warming political fear-mongering? | Yahoo Answers

If the world warmed up nicely as you suggest, many inhabited areas would be under water. Some inhabited islands are already submerged.
The number of peer-reviewed scientific journals that dispute that humans are the cause of global warming is ZERO. No scientist willing to subject his opinion to his peers is arguing against it at this point.
Those with the most money to lose are oil industry propagandists who want us to keep the blinders on for as long as possible. What money do environmentalists stand to lose if we ignore global warming? None.
Environmental groups spend money and eff…

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