Human ecological adaptation

Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation Book Series
October 5, 2015 – 02:30 pm

Homewood coverStudies in Human Ecology and Adaptation, a book series launched by Springer Academic in 2005, publishes cutting-edge work on the bio-social processes of adaptation and human-environmental dynamics. Human ecology, a broad perspective, views the biological, environmental, demographic, and technological aspects of human existence as interrelated and spans a large number of disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology, environmental sociology, human geography and demography - to name a few central ones. The series reflects a growing trend in interdisciplinary study and research. This multidisciplinary approach brings new, often unexpected, perspectives to many topical issues.

African LandscapesKey to making the studies in this series accessible to a broad readership is that they are clearly written and tightly focused. We have quite deliberately taken the journal Human Ecology as a model since it focuses on empirically rooted original research addressing a wide interdisciplinary readership. As a consequence, the journal has achieved considerable recognition among academic publications worldwide which deal with social and environmental issues. As with contributions to Human Ecology, potential manuscripts in this series are subject to peer review. We welcome your inquiries about possible monograph or book submissions, including recently completed doctoral research. Or, if you wish, forward manuscripts directly to the Human Ecology editorial office for consideration.

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