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Actions to Stop Global Warming
July 28, 2015 – 08:13 am

Push mowers use only muscle for fuel.Push mowers use only muscle for fuel.

Few deny that the earth's climate is changing, but many disagree about the cause. If human actions contribute to global warming, then people can take steps to help stop it. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency links greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and certain propellants, to global warming (see References 1). Choices you make that result in lower production of greenhouse gases, combined with the choices of others, may ultimately put the brakes on global warming.

Reduce Solid Waste

Reducing the amount of solid waste is an active way to help cut back on greenhouse gas emissions. Solid waste is any solid, discarded material, including what fills your trash bags on trash collection day. Solid waste is typically transported to a facility for incineration or burial. Trucks that transport waste generally use fuel that emits carbon dioxide. Burning waste also produces carbon dioxide, and waste that decomposes in a landfill creates methane. (See References 1) When you can, repair items instead of throwing them out. When you can't repair, consider the item's potential for a different use. If it is beyond repair and you can't find a use for it, try recycling it or donating it to a charity.

Choose Muscle over Machines

When working outside your home, avoid equipment that uses fuel and produces carbon emissions - even electric equipment (see References 2). Prune trees and hedges with manual tools instead of their powered counterparts. If your yard is not excessively large, mow with an old-fashioned push mower, still manufactured today, instead of a gas or electric model. Use gardening shears and manual lawn edgers instead of powered weed trimmers. If you grow a vegetable garden, prepare the soil with shovels, rakes and hoes instead of a gas-powered tiller.

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What stops global warming?

In the short term there might not be a way to stop it. But if we learn to conserve energy and find better sources for it we can.

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