Ways to Reduce Ecological footprint at home

12 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Family’s Footprint
February 26, 2017 – 04:41 pm

There seems to be a snowball effect when you start living your life more intentionally. For me, it started with money. I was desperate to get out of debt, so I looked for as many ways as I could to reduce our expenses. Eventually, that led me to natural health. Which led me to greener living. And that left me wondering how my family of six could reduce our ecological footprint and live more sustainably.

Ecological Footprint

As I become more obsessed interested in reducing our family’s eco footprint, I find myself researching and implementing different ideas for doing so. Most things I try work, but not all are feasible for us to continue all the time (we just can’t commit to family cloth yet).

6. Grow your own veggies

Many veggies are shipped long distances, using lots of fuel just to get to your grocery store. Start a simple garden to reduce dependency on grocery-store produce.

7. Make a windowsill herb garden

Most of the herbs for sale in our area come packaged in plastic boxes. Eh, no thanks. Grow some of your favorite herbs in a sunny windowsill so you can add flavor to your food without extra waste. I like basil, mint and cilantro the best.

8. Have a yard sale

You know how when you’re done decluttering, you have a ton of stuff lying around your house that you need to get rid of? Rather than throwing it away (some people do that!), have a yard sale to spare a landfill and make some money from your excess stuff. If it’s not yard sale weather, donate it to a local thrift store, list it on Freecycle, or sell items on Craigslist.

9. Use your car less

Make an effort to stay at home more and drive less. Walk, bike or use public transit if possible to reduce your contribution to air pollution. If you’re in a rural area and that’s not feasible, try to select one day for errands and group them all together.

10. Invest in reusable bags

Or make them from scrap fabric. Countless plastic bags end up in landfills each year and don’t need to be there. Either buy or make bags in different sizes and take them with you to the grocery store or farmer’s market. Make small ones to use with bulk bins and produce. (Find shopping bags online here or produce bags online here.)

Source: www.diynatural.com
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