Ten facts about global warming

10 Lively Facts About Global Warming
July 6, 2014 – 09:10 am

Facts About Climate ChangeGlobal Warming. Climate Change. Call it what you like. The reality is that most of us can agree that it’s happening (even if we can’t agree on the cause or what the overall impact to the planet and society will be although most scientists are daunted). One thing it’s hard to ignore though is that our societal love affair with consumerism and “stuff” is hurting the planet in one way or another. It’s impossible to separate that addictive consumerism entirely from climate change. The next time that you’re debating stopping at the mall for a toke from the consumer pipe, consider the ten following facts about global warming!

Fact One: Global Warming Started in the 1700s

It may seem as though you’ve just started hearing about global warming fairly recently, but the process actually began with the advent of the industrial revolution in the 1700s. That’s when humans began using (and emitting from) more fossil fuels due to the coal, oil and gas used to run factories. The later advent of cars and trucks (and trains and planes) only added to it. Global warming isn’t new (by human history standards). It’s actually quite old.

Fact Two: The Amount of CO2 in the Atmosphere is Undeniable

Even the most ardent denier of climate change can’t argue with one simple number. There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than there has been at any point in the last 800, 000 years. That has to mean something (and in this case it means a shifting planet).

Fact Three: Waterworld May be More Than Just a (Great) Bad Movie

Yes, we all watched that movie mostly for the tortured love affair between a woman and a man with gills, but the reality may not be as far off as you think. In the last century, sea levels have risen almost seven inches after having not changed at all in a statistically significant way for over 2000 years. In addition to the reality that some island nations and coast lines may simply disappear if this trend continues, the change in the ocean landscape impacts the future of thousands of species of animals and plants meaning the tapestry of life itself.

Pro Tip: The change in the world’s waters that is causing coral and underwater creatures to face extinction is called ocean acidification. You can learn about what it is here.

Fact Four: Global Warming Impacts Your Favorite Beverages

And foods, but people are often more passionate about beverages. The changes in climate, rainfall, and temperature are increasing the costs of whiskey, beer, coffee and tea. If a lost planet for future generations doesn’t make your head spin, think about paying $10 each for a latte or a beer.

Pro Tip: We’re not joking. Learn more about the impact of climate change on coffee or the impact of the water shortage on alcohol.

Source: www.postconsumers.com
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Ten Facts
Ten Facts
Facts About Global Warming
Facts About Global Warming
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The largest temperature increases due to global warming are expected in the middle and high latitudes, particularly the daily minimums.

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